domingo, 26 de maio de 2019


This month of May I was very happy to welcome in our Kung Fu Family, another disciple.
His name is Matheus Alves, a very kind boy who I was first met a few years ago. He used to wear video games t-shirts at the time and was always smiling. But very soon, he show he has a big heart to teach others.

他的名字叫Matheus Alves,这是我几年前第一次见到的一个非常善良的男孩。他以前经常穿着电子游戏T恤,总是微笑着。但很快,他就表明他有一些技能可以教别人。

The Baai Si Ceremnoy is very serious for me. I understand that when you accept a disciple, you also become responsible for that person, in order to preserve the legacy that the ancestors passed down.

My Si Fu always treat me with so much love and care, that I could not do less than that for any of my disciples. So, I think it is also important for the Si Fu , be aware if he can care about another disciple for his entire life and beyond.

拜师典礼对我很认真。 我明白,当你接受一个门徒时,你也要对那个人负责保留祖先的遗产。我的师父总是以如此多的爱和关怀对待我,我必须为我的门徒做同样的事。

(My disciple Cayo Cesar introduced Matheus Alves.)
(我的弟子Cayo Cesar介绍了Matheus Alves.)

When a Si Fu accept to drink the tea, he is creating a bond for life with his new disciple. For me, it is one of the most beuatiful things in "Mo Lam"(Martial Arts Circles).


After the "Baai Si" Ceremony, we went for a celebration dinner. That moment was very special because I could talk to Matheu´s parents. 

在拜师典礼之后,我们去了一家餐馆庆祝。 那一刻非常特别,因为我可以和Matheu的父母交谈。

Since I was 15 years old, I´m following my Si fu. I could not imagine my life without his guidance.

I hope I can do a good job with the next generation, as he did with me.

从我15岁起,我跟随我的师父。 没有他的指导我无法想象我的生活。


The Disciple of Master Julio Camacho
(Julio Camacho师父的弟子)
Thiago Pereira "Moy Fat Lei"