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Quando se começa um trabalho fora dos padrões que a sociedade tem, é difícil de ter credibilidade. As vezes, é difícil até para nós mesmos conseguirmos enxergar onde podemos chegar com nossos sonhos. Mas é tudo uma questão de perseverar e de muitas vezes ser forte o suficiente para saber que você mesmo, será a única pessoa que pode realizar ou não o que você se propôs a sonhar...Como no caso de Mestre Fabio Gomes, discípulo de Mestre Leo Imamura.

When you start a job outside the standards that society has, it's hard to have credibility. Sometimes it is difficult even to ourselves to see where our dreams can reach . But it's all a matter of persevering and often be strong enough to know that yourself is the only person who can decide if you have enough guts to go for what you set out to dream ... As with Master Fabio Gomes, disciple of master Leo Imamura.

Mestre Fabio Gomes hoje já realiza um trabalho consagrado nas Forças de Operações Especiais no Brasil utilizando seus conhecimentos de Ving Tsun. Ele preferiu não abrir uma Família Kung Fu, mas sim, apostar numa grande paixão ..
E bem no primeiro momento deste trabalho, a Revista VEJA em 24 de Janeiro de 2001, publicou uma matéria sobre este trabalho que estava apenas começando, mas já chamava atenção. Acompanhe abaixo a matéria da coluna VAPT-VUPT da Revista Veja, escrita por Ronaldo França(clique para apmpliar):

Nowadays ,Master Fabio Gomes performs a recognized work  in the Special Operations Forces in Brazil using his knowledge of Ving Tsun. He di not want to open a Kung Fu Family, but rather invest in a great passion ..
And at the very first moment of this work, the most famous magazine in Brazil, called "Veja" on January 24, 2001, published an article on this work that was just beginning, but already called attention.
You can read the translation below the Scan:


Chinese Fight arrives at the Brazilian elite troops .

Martial arts usually are full of punches and positions looking alike each other, that only the experienced can differentiate. The layman finds it very difficult to understand what is happening. This has been the reason for the growth of a fight previously unknown in Brazil, Ving Tsun, who is one of more than 300 existing types of kung fu. Based on the simplification of the movements was discovered by elite military battalions for about a year. Its main techniques are being taught to the special forces of the Army and Navy, and the soldiers of the Special Operations Battalion of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro (BOPE), which already share space with traditional styles.
The Ving Tsun was invented in China 300 years ago by a woman for 50 years and won the world. Although the origin seem simple, the fight is used for objectives much more bellicose.
The Ving Tsun is especially interesting for soldiers undergoing risky situations in direct confrontation because it allows the opponent to take action quickly without the need to grapple opponents in combats consuming more time . The fight basically has two blows, which boil down to a kick and a punch, brandished with few variations. The punch is given with the hand in a vertical position, to make the move easier. The same goes for the kick. It simpes and fast like a kick in the knee. As it was invented by a woman, has among its main blows the kick in the male genitals. Nothing could be simpler. The Ving Tsun, spread across dozens of countries, is organized around a headquarters in New York. All fighters are considered part of a family, in the style of old Chinese monks. Their gyms (eight only  in Brazil), remind old oriental temples. Starting with the exclusivity of the fight: The gyms do not make room for other martial arts.
(By Ronaldo França)

Se você quiser saber mais sobre o trabalho que Mestre Fabio Gomes realiza nos dias de hoje com as Forças Especiais de nosso país, clique abaixo nos links da entrevista em duas partes que ele deu para a coluna "MO GUN ALL STARS":

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